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30 May 2015
Competition center: Tukums ice hockey hall, Stadiona iela 3, Tukums

17:00-17:45 Arrival of the competitors, registration.
Competitors are only allowed to stay in the competition centre area or in the warm-up zone before the start
18:00-19:00 Start according to start list
20:00 Prize giving ceremony
Elite: ME, WE – competitors without age restrictions
Other classes: MW 12, 14, 16, 18, 21, 35, 45, 55, 65
Beginners: orienteering without punching and time control

Class Sprint 30.05.2015 Class Sprint 30.05.2015
M12 1.4 km 10CP W12 1.1 km 8CP
M14 2.0 km 13CP W14 1.4 km 10CP
M16 2.3 km 14CP W16 2.0 km 13CP
M18 2.8 km 14CP W18 2.3 km 14CP
M21 2.8 km 14CP W21 2.3 km 14CP
M21E 3.1 km 14CP W21E 2.8 km 14CP
M35 2.8 km 14CP W35 2.3 km 14CP
M45 2.3 km 14CP W45 2.0 km 13CP
M55 2.0 km 13CP W55 1.4 km 10CP
M65 1.4 km 10CP W65 1.1 km 8CP
Map Mapping by Atis Rukšāns (2015), scale 1:5000, contour interval 2m.
Terrain parks, streets, yards, river banks
Dangerous places Competitors have to be careful while running on streets. Make sure that no cars are approaching before crossing the roads!
Entry deadline is May 25, 2015 24:00
After 25.05 – entry is possible only on the vacant places, with 50% higher entry fee.
Beginners register at the competition centre on the competition day
Entry fees
Elite, 21, 35, 45, 55 and Beginners – EUR 5.00
12, 14, 16, 18, 65 – EUR 3.00
SPORTIdent rent 1.00 EUR

Payment via bank transfer or at the competition centre on the competition day

Courses, start procedure, punching system
– Sprint courses, start according to start list;
– Start interval 1 minute;
– Punching system – SPORTIdent;
– Expected winning time for all classes – 12-15 min.

Prize giving
Diploma and prize for the 3 best in each class
Special rules
Participants are responsible for their own actions and health during the competition.
Competitors are only allowed to stay in the competition center area or in the warm-up zone before the start.
Finished competitors are not allowed to communicate or pass information about the course or terrain to competitors who haven’t started yet.
Competitors from beginners class are not allowed to help competitors from other classes. The only exception for assistance can be aid in case of injury.
Key persons
Event director – Zigfrīds Freimanis
Zigfrīds Freimanis
Payment information
Orienteering club „Saldus”
Aspazijas Street 33-2, Saldus, LV – 3801
Registration No. 50008089151
Bank: Swedbank
Account No. LV77HABA0551009645960