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Bulletin 3

Published 25 May 2015

Additional information: Bulletin 1, Bulletin 2

From 16.00 Model event, camping “Sveikuļi”
10.30 Opening ceremony for Baltic Championships
11.00 Long distance start.
18.00 Latvian Sprint Cup stage, Tukums Ice Hall (Tukuma Ledus Halle)
20.00 Prize giving for the winners of the first day of Baltic championships and relaxation evening for teams, Tukums Ice Hall
21.00 Team leaders meeting, Tukums Ice Hall
11.00 Start of the relay for national teams, camping “Sveikuļi”
14.00 Prize giving and closing ceremony


Competition centre: Camping Sveikuļi, Tume parish, Tukums municipality, Latvia

Long distance 30.05.2015


The distance from the competition centre to the start is 1,6km. Please follow signs/tapes.
Warm-up clothes will be transported to the finish.

Relay 31.05.2015


Warm-up only in the territory of Camping Sveikuli.

Map „Sveikuļi A”, Sveikuļi R” LOF 1071
Mapping by Indulis Peilāns and Edmunds Zvaigzne (2014-2015).
Map scale for the long distance – 1:15000 for MW16E, MW18E, MW20E, MW21E; 1:10000 for MW14E. Relay – all classes 1:10000. Contour interval of 5 metres. Mapping based on the digital model provided by SIA TERRATOPO.
Maps in plastic bags, control descriptions on maps and additionally at start.
Terrain Mixed pine and spruce tree forest where the runnability is mostly good or average. Regular path and track network. In some places fallen trees with undergrowth may interfere the runnability. Many different sized marshes. Maximum height difference 45 m.

Dangerous places: The competitors will have cross the main road Tukums-Engure. Traffic will be regulated at the crossing place, but we ask the competitors to pay extra attention when crossing the road.

Old map
Forbidden areas Map LOF no. 1071 (2014) „Sveikuļi A”, Sveikuļi R” is forbidden to use for trainings or competition until 01.06.2015.
Training possibilities 29.05.2015 from 16.00 in map „Sveikuļi”. Price for one map – 1EUR. Maps will be available at the competition centre.
Baltic championships – Long
W14E, W16E, W18E, W20E, W21E
M14E, M16E, M18E, M20E, M21E
W16E, W20E, W21E
M16E, M20E M21E
ClassLong distance (30.05)RefreshmentsClassLong distance (30.05)Refreshments
M14E4.3 km, 11 CPStart – FinishW14E3.7 km, 9 CPStart – Finish
M16E6.6 km, 12 CPS – 5 km – FW16E5.1 km, 12 CPS – 4 km – F
M18E8.7 km, 18 CPS – 4 km – 7 km – FW18E6.6 km, 12 CPS – 4 km – F
M20E10.1 km, 18 CPS – 4 km – 6 km – 8 km – FW20E7.1 km, 14 CPS – 3 km – 6 km – F
M21E14.9 km, 29 CPS – 5 km – 8 km – 11km – FW21E9.1 km, 20 CPS – 5 km – 7 km – F

Following spreading method will be used for classes M21E un W21E:

ClassRelay (31.05.2015)ClassRelay (31.05.2015)
M16E4.2 km, 11 CPW16E3.4 km, 9 CP
M20E6.0 km, 17 CPW20E5.1 km, 16 CP
M21E6.9 km, 17 CPW21E5.5 km, 16 CP

Forking on all relay legs. Refreshments at Spectators CP and Finish.

Participation fee for national teams in accordance with the regulations of Baltic Championships.

Registration deadline 23.05.2015

Teams must fill in the form attached and submit to organizers by 25.05.2015
Please note the order of participants – 1 – weakest, 5 – strongest competitor.
Classes M21E and W21E will start according to WRE standings, for other classes start order will be drawn.
Entry form for national tems

Start and starting order:

3 min before the start competitor must enter start area and check the SportIdent number with a referее.
2 min before the start additional control descriptions are available
1 min before the start competitor must stand before the start line and after a start signal may take the map from the map box of appropriate class. Each competitor him-/herself is responsible for taking the right map from the right map box.

Electronic punching system

SportIdent. Competitiors with their own SportIdent card must indicate its number in the application form. It is possible to rent an SportIdent card from the organisers. SI rent cost – 1EUR for two days.

Prize giving
Medals and diplomas for 1-3 places.

Long distance 30.05.2015
GPS tracking will be used in classes M21E, W21E. Runners have to use a GPS device provided by the organizers: In M21E the 20 best runners according to WRE, in W21E the 10 best runners according to WRE. Runner can receive his GPS device 10 minutes before his starting time at the start. Refusal to carry GPS provided will result in disqualification.

Relay 31.05.2015
Demonstration of relay changeover 10.30
Start M21E, W21E, M16E 11.00
M20E, W20E, W16E 11.05
All classes have spectators control.
The maps are going to be detained until the finish of the last leg.

Accommodation and catering
Tukums Tourism information center
Services during competition
First aid, cafe, showers, WC
Rest and relaxation
Tukums area and old town
Director of the event: Oskars Zērnis
Results: Guntars Mankus, Ainars Mankus,
Head of the start team: Dainis Priedītis
Course planner: Indulis Peilāns
Head of secretary and registration: Maira Zērne
Oskars Zērnis
mob.+371 9455360
Payment information
Orienteering club „Saldus”
Aspazijas Street 33-2, Saldus, LV – 3801
Registration No. 50008089151
Bank: Swedbank
Account No. LV77HABA0551009645960